Corporate Logo Watches Widen Brand Recognition

Corporate Logo Watches Widen Brand Recognition

What if there were corporate logo watches in ancient Rome. Think of the ancient Roman sesterces Julius Caesar could have saved. Instead of pouring coins into carved statues, he could have boosted his brand with wrist gear.

Fortunately, the human species has advanced since then. As proof, we have corporate logo watches serving as ready promoters. No words, no music and no sculptors required.  Just a handy timepiece imprinted with your corporate or organizational image.  Compact, convenient, classy, practical, and eye-catching – what more could you ask from an advertising medium?

Long-Lasting and Often Seen !

Consider the average shelf life of a corporate logo watch. Stacked up against other forms of brand promotion, they easily take first prize. Think about the usual fate of promotional cups, paper weights, snow globes and the like. In many cases, they’re eventually (and sometimes quickly) forgotten or ignored.

Custom corporate watches, on the other hand, are always around – like a loyal friend. Worn on the wrist, these timepieces go where the wearer goes. It’s a constant brand reminder always well within visual range. Whenever the hour of the day must be ascertained, the wearer invariably glances toward their wrist. In the process, this individual undoubtedly takes notice of the brand logo gracing the watch face. Even social media doesn’t command this level of attention. Besides, when was the last time Twitter provided your wardrobe with a stylish touch?

Wide Coverage !

There’s also an all-purpose aspect to corporate watches with logos. Often, promotional products align with the decision-making process. If recipients likely will decide to use a product while in their office, an office-related item is called for. A golf-related product demands a golf course-related item …  and so forth. Because of its go-anywhere character, however, a corporate logo watch fits any decision making environment. That’s a whole lot of coverage.

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corporate logo watches widen brand recognition


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