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Have you got your wedding all set but don’t know the best gifts to give those who will be part of your celebration?  The Logo Watch Company is a leading timepiece company that provides you with the perfect custom personalized watches for wedding gifts among other things.

Show your best man, bridesmaid and groomsmen how much you love them with our excellent choices of custom logo watches. We specialize in personalized brands that are both perfect for your budget and for the occasion. Since we understand how much must have gone into the planning of your wedding, we’re eager to offer you our custom watches for wedding gifts at affordable prices.

And so much more! 

Our custom personalized watches will show your attendees, party members, groomsmen and bridesmaids your appreciation. Who wouldn’t love a custom watch as a remembrance – a brilliant timepiece that displays their names and that memorable date?

Why not entrust The Logo Watch Company with the challenge of making your family, friends and guests happy. If they are there for you now, then it shows how much they love you, and we can help you show them how much you also cherish them.

Custom Personalized Bachelor Party Gift Watches.

For your custom personalized bachelor party watches, our design team will be delighted to create custom watches or pocket watches of your choice. We achieve this by personalizing the dial of whatever watch or pocket watch you choose with names, dates and other details of the event you want them to always remember.

Custom Personalized Best Man Gift Watches.

Assure your best man of how proud you are of him. Get him one of our best man gift watches that can have his name printed on the dial. We can also personalize the watch or pocket watch you pick with an engraved watch case back or pocket watch cover.

Don’t forget the ring bearer, flower girls and even the parents of the bride and groom!



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Custom Personalized Watches for Wedding Gifts



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Corporate Logo Watches Widen Brand Recognition

Corporate Logo Watches Widen Brand Recognition

What if there were corporate logo watches in ancient Rome. Think of the ancient Roman sesterces Julius Caesar could have saved. Instead of pouring coins into carved statues, he could have boosted his brand with wrist gear.

Fortunately, the human species has advanced since then. As proof, we have corporate logo watches serving as ready promoters. No words, no music and no sculptors required.  Just a handy timepiece imprinted with your corporate or organizational image.  Compact, convenient, classy, practical, and eye-catching – what more could you ask from an advertising medium?

Long-Lasting and Often Seen !

Consider the average shelf life of a corporate logo watch. Stacked up against other forms of brand promotion, they easily take first prize. Think about the usual fate of promotional cups, paper weights, snow globes and the like. In many cases, they’re eventually (and sometimes quickly) forgotten or ignored.

Custom corporate watches, on the other hand, are always around – like a loyal friend. Worn on the wrist, these timepieces go where the wearer goes. It’s a constant brand reminder always well within visual range. Whenever the hour of the day must be ascertained, the wearer invariably glances toward their wrist. In the process, this individual undoubtedly takes notice of the brand logo gracing the watch face. Even social media doesn’t command this level of attention. Besides, when was the last time Twitter provided your wardrobe with a stylish touch?

Wide Coverage !

There’s also an all-purpose aspect to corporate watches with logos. Often, promotional products align with the decision-making process. If recipients likely will decide to use a product while in their office, an office-related item is called for. A golf-related product demands a golf course-related item …  and so forth. Because of its go-anywhere character, however, a corporate logo watch fits any decision making environment. That’s a whole lot of coverage.

Would you like to learn more about getting your brand noticed with corporate logo watches?

Contact The Logo Watch Company for more information and answers to all your questions.

corporate logo watches widen brand recognition


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Promotional Watches Have It All

Promotional Watches Have It All !

There are dozens of items on which you can plaster a company logo. But when it comes to practicality, nothing surpasses custom promotional watches. True, cups, paperweights and other items are popular choices. They, however, simply don’t stack up against standout timepieces with your company logo…

In a certain way, custom promotional watches have it all … and then some. Their obvious advantage is a built-in ability to supply what everyone needs – the time of day. At any given time, people require this crucial intelligence. Therefore, they’ll consult the nearest and handiest timepiece.

Now, imagine what happens when they zero in on promotional watches emblazoned with your team or organization’s logo. Not only do they get a peek at the time; they also get a pleasant reminder of your company. Call it ‘the brand power of the logo’.

These logo peeks, however, are not limited to the lucky wearer. Friends, Romans, countrymen, friends and casual passersby also notice your brand.  And, if your watch’s logo is suitably appealing, members of the general public will stop to have a look.

What they’ll be seeing, along with vital ‘temporal’ information, is your corporate or organizational symbol – proudly proclaimed. And, who knows after that? One person could tell another about the eye catching phenomenon, and before you know it, that stylish chronometer could be creating a major buzz. Stranger things have happened.

Indeed, custom promotional watches with logos will get noticed – which, of course, brings the same level of attention to your company, business  or organization. Not bad for something that fits on your wrist.

Would you like to learn more about getting your brand noticed with promotional watches?  Contact The Logo Watch Company for more information and answers to all your questions.

Call  1-844-4-MY-LOGO  … (844-469-5646)   anytime.  

Or, contact us below.


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Marketing Watches For Gifts

Few business gifts say “I value you, your time and our relationship” like a quality timepiece. A custom wristwatch is the perfect gift to show a client, or prospect, their value to you. It  also create a lasting personalized impression of your company.

With our best-in-class branding technology and design expertise, you can create custom imprinted wristwatches for your clients, prospects and leads during any marketing campaign.

We offer a wide selection of marketing watches for every type of company campaign. Our ASI/PPAI/Sage membership gives you exclusive access to wholesale discounts. We also accept single piece orders as no minimum order is required.

Feel Free To Inquire How The Logo Watch Company Can Produce ‘Your Logo On Time‘.



Marketing Watches For Gifts



Marketing Watches Boost Brand Recognition

The typical out-and-about person might visit dozens of places in a single day. Offices, stores, restaurants, galleries, social gatherings … whatever. These people get seen by others. Also getting seen are the things they’re wearing – like a marketing watch imprinted with your business logo or corporate design and special message. Each of those wristwatches invites numerous potential views from the general public.

Naturally, noticeability plays a huge role when it comes to generating viewer interest with a marketing watch. An attractive watch with a catchy logo is a shoe-in to capture eyeballs. Which is why a promotional watch can be such an asset for your business or organization.

An acclaimed supplier of custom advertising watches, The Logo Watch Company combines quality craftsmanship with know-how to create the highest quality product. It would be no exaggeration to say we’ve mastered the art of merging company messaging with superb timepieces.

The result is an attractive watch imprinted with an eye-catching image and message. Just the kind that gets noticed – and starts conversations. So, let others rely exclusively on social media. You can go further by adding conversation-starting timepieces from The Logo Watch Company.

Remember, you have an unlimited choice of watches. We can apply our special artistry to everything from a simple budget promotional give away to high-end chronometers crafted by Swiss manufacturers such as Tag Heuer and Omega. It’s all up to you.

Would you like to learn more about keeping the conversation going for a long, long ‘time‘? Contact The Logo Watch Company for more information and answers to all your questions.








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Marketing Watches Create Brand Buzz

With so much focus on social media these days, you might think Facebook and Twitter were the only venues for brand conversations. But, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, there’s a much more reliable way to create brand buzz and keep it going for a virtually limitless time. It’s marketing watches.

Marketing watches, otherwise known as advertising or promotional watches, do exactly as their name implies.  They promote brands, businesses, or organizations. Not that this is their only purpose, they also manage to keep terrific time. Two functions for one wearer. Not a bad deal.

How do promotional watches fulfill their marketing function? By getting the word out without saying a word. Imprinted on the face of every marketing watch is your company logo – and, if you choose, a special message. This could be a slogan, tagline, greeting, or any other communication deemed appropriate.

The beauty of marketing watches, along with their powerful messaging, is that size doesn’t matter. It makes no difference if you’re promoting a single proprietorship, a major corporation, or something in between. Promotional watches will do a standout job of keeping your brand in the open. Where the wearer goes, so goes your message.

Think about what this means. The more people that wear your private label or branded watch, the more exposure your logo gets; and the more conversations about your brand get started. Who knows how far it could go?

Would you like to learn more about creating a brand buzz with high-quality marketing watches?  Contact The Logo Watch Company for more information and to get answers to all your questions.

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Marketing Watches Create Brand Buzz




Meet The World’s Widest Selection Of Photo Watches

One picture isn’t worth a thousand words … it’s worth a thousand memories. At least, that’s the thinking here at
The Logo Watch Company. You see, we’re experienced manufacturers of photo watches. The kind that people remember. You simply supply the photograph or image. We print it on the watch face to create a thing of lasting beauty.

When the transformation is complete, you’ve got a stunning timepiece that commemorates the special event, occasion, or organization of your choosing.  From families to corporations, virtually anyone or anything can be featured with our eye catching image/picture watches.

Along with striking good looks, the great thing about our watches is their variety. We offer the widest selection of photo watches. You’ll discover everything under the sun in our offerings. And that not only goes for style; it applies equally to price range. Maybe you’re keeping a firm eye on your wallet. No problem. The Logo Watch Company offers a full spectrum of budget models that you’ll be proud to give as gifts.

Are you reaching for the stars? We offer the ultimate with a collection of magnificent, luxury Swiss crafted timepieces. Additionally, of course, we cover everything between these two extremes. Budget is never a factor. If you’re looking for functionally designed watches with photo dial faces, and at the most competitive prices, you’ll find them here at The Logo Watch Company.

Why keep the best hidden and forgotten? Bring your company or special event into the limelight with personalized watches from the specialists. Don’t let the good times slip away. Contact us now and make them beautifully permanent.





Widest Selection Of Photo Watches




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With The Widest Selection Of Photo Watches.

Personalized Watches For Every Occasion

Everything turned out great. You’ve got tons of photographs to prove it. But they don’t say nearly enough about that special event. Don’t capture the excitement. You want something more … something that will shout good and loud … that was one heck of an occasion. Something that stays as close as your wrist. Only one thing will do … a custom personalized watch for every occasion from The Logo Watch Company.

‘We turn a good time into good timepieces’.

Unlike other personalized items, watches from The Logo Watch Company don’t get shoved into the back of a drawer.  But, they do get your event or occasion noticed with a stunning photo and message beautifully merged on the the watch’s dial face. We have created more beautiful faces than plastic surgery.

The beauty is matched by variety. We offer award watches, watches as recognition, incentive watches. We cater to families, church groups, employees, graduates … to just about any deserving, watch-wearing individuals of all ages.

We even go the corporate route with personalized company watches. What better way to distinguish your business than with a special timepiece bearing your logo and message?  OK, phenomenal sales figures trump timepieces. But other than that, you can’t do better than a spectacular watch that leaves your brand top of mind.

Why keep the best hidden and forgotten? Bring your company or special event into the light with personalized watches from The Logo Watch Company. Don’t let ‘the good times’ slip away. Contact us now and make them beautifully permanent.



Personalized Watches For Every Occasion




New Custom Pocket Watches Added To Engraved Gifts Availability

The Logo Watch Company has supplemented its selection of custom pocket watches with an additional line of sterling silver and stainless steel models.  Cases will be available in a wide range of plating and finish types.  Polished stainless and silver finishes are added to the current brushed and matte silver surface types.  All of the cases can be engraved on the covers and/on the case backs with precise laser engraving techniques and font types.  If stainless steel cases are chosen, several types of gold and copper plating are available.  Gold look finishes as well as actual 14k gold plating are now available in polished, matte and embossed types.  Engraved custom pocket watches make the perfect remembrance gift for any occasion.



TLWC Acquires Logo Watch Licensing Agreements

TLWC (The Logo Watch Company), the Los Angeles based manufacturer of custom logo watches with personalized dials for promotional marketing and wholesale advertising companies, has acquired licenses for college, university and professional sports teams logo watches.  Any team’s crest, mark, emblem or mascot can be printed on the watch face or engraved with an individual’s name to commemorate a victory, championship, or simply participation.